Brows that Wow #PrestigeBeauty

Brows are a major staple of a Middle Eastern woman’s beauty regimen and now that thick brows are vital in the fashion world too – picture the perfectly sculpted brows of Cara Delevinge and Diala Makki – we can use our time-honoured tips and tricks to initiate those less experienced into effortlessly creating a thick brow that’s clean and fabulous.

Eyebrow pencils are great go-tos for changing your brow shape, amplifying thin brows. Try Estée Lauder’s Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil to give your brows more definition. To really work a strong brow, try Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, angled filler. It’s easier for beginners because the ‘calligraphy’ end of the pencil allows you to have more control, plus the shade choices are great. The brow comb allows you to brush the hair into place as you fill, keeping the shape natural.

The aim is to keep the brows looking tidy but strong, and to frame the eyes with a full arch. Smashbox’s Brow Tech Gloss Stick is perfect for over-plucked brows. The pencil has a delicate retractable point to create the illusion of natural hair strokes. Make sure your product’s colour has a cool tone, to mimic natural hair.

Those who already have bold brows can opt for an eyebrow gel, which is used to simply set the brow shape, add a hint of colour, and manage unruly hairs one swipe at a time. This is an effortless process with Bobbi Brown’s new Long-Wear brow gel paired with the their two-in one brush tool. With a huge color palette, it’s even easier to find that perfect match for natural looking brows. Estee Lauder’s Brow Volumizing brow tint and Stay in Place brow gel are the perfect duo to bold brows all day long.

If you lack the steady hand necessary for sculpting an ultra-precise shape, select a powder formula instead to gradually build up colour and volume. Tom Ford’s Brow Sculpting Kit features two blendable shades to create a personalised, natural-looking hue. Finish with a colourless wax which sets the brow shape and gives a polished look. If you're lacking time but still want a glamorous look, the new More Than Brow from The Estee Edit, which helps you get dramatic brows, a smoky eye or a soft shading on the lids all the in the same pencil!

Top Tip While in town, why not pop into Selfridge’s (London) and visit Bobbi Brown’s exclusive Brow How and enjoy expert tips through a one-to-one Makeup Lesson to help you create, enhance or change your brow shape using a multitude of products. Lessons can be booked for RRP £17 redeemable against products on the day of the lesson

Peachy makeup look for Olive skin featuring BUFFING TECHNIQUE

I recently created this peachy glow look for a shoot. I was happy with the overall look so decided to write about it on the blog as it's perfect for girls with medium/olive skin tone.

The main tip for a summer makeup look is to use the right primer and less foundation. regardless of your skin type. Adding layers of foundation could end up making acne marks or bumps more prominent. You want to use concealer for the covering and the buffing technique is whats seals the deal with this summer look that will last you all day and night!

Skin prep
- Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
-Giorgio Armani master fluid primer - This primer doesn't have the typical chalky feeling that most mattifying primers have. It has a silky skin like feeling that allows your foundation to glide on and blend perfectly.

Acne scars and colour correcting
For redness from pimples and skin I use a green corrector because it has something to stick to (primer)
pressing it into the skin rather than rubbing it. If there is discoloration (under eye circles) or uneven skin around the mouth add a orange tone corrector.

Foundation & Concealer
I used a light layer of Makeup Forever foundation blending it with a beauty blender slightly dabbing so i do not disturb the colour correcting under it.
For under eye concealer I used Charlotte Tilbury retoucher concealer and set with a loose translucent MAC powder.

Sculpting the face
I used Sleek cosmetics cream contour to define nose and cheekbones, blending with a beauty blender until naturally blended into the skin. 
I used a cream Sleek highlighter on top of powder by blending it with my fingers gently. 
Also adding this cream highlighter down the nose and on cupids bow

on the eyes I like to use creams.YSL metallic cream in number 4 as the base and Golden goddess eyeshadow palette by Charlotte Tilbury. 
Mac Zoom lash mascara

Setting contour and buffing technique
I used Rodial Contour powder in number 3 to set cream contour
Style Blusher by MAC
To set and buff everything I used MAC mineralise skin finish natural in medium with a big brush starting down from the neck working my way upwards in circular morion blending everything and going over everything except eyes. This technique sets everything and helps even set the glow. 
Makeup takes around an hour to set and this technique is what helps your makeup last until you decide to take it off.

Mufe 2c liner with Nude Kate lip stick by Charlotte Tilbury topping it with L'Oreal Nude Ballet gloss.

Like an every day filter.


My skin care by Fyza

Growing up with acne was probably the most difficult things I had to deal with. It had nothing to do with my diet. I had a horrible habit of touching my skin and popping pimples! Your hands carry so much bacteria that the acne starts to spread.

I have tried so much products for my skin but never wanted to take the route of pills because i'm honestly scared of the side affects I have seen from my friends. Step one was to quit drinking any type of fizzy drinks, especially Coke! Water only and then to stop touching my skin. I noticed that every time I went to London I would get the worst breakouts on my cheeks, cystic acne! the water in London is so harsh compared to here in the UAE. My skin would always calm down when I came back to the Middle East and my makeup would apply so much smoother.

I'm going to list what helped clear my scars and acne. I'm really into all natural products, I try my best to use naturally made remedies now and then.

First and foremost you should ALWAYS remove your makeup no matter how tired you are! Not only with a makeup removing wipe but actually wash your face with a cleanser. I started doing this and i would dry my face with a paper towel rather than a face towel.

I remove my makeup with Ritual essentials wow by wojooh makeup remover using a cotton pad to remove all traces.

I then use Dermologica facial wash followed by Lush Cosmetics angels on bare skin to gently exfoliate my face. This is a dry product that you make into a paste and make it the consistency you prefer. This really helped with fading existing scars.

After this step I press a paper towel gently on my face to dry it. For two days a week I would use the Glam Glow clearing mud treatment. focusing on my pores and pimples. I would wash this off and dry my face.

Rose water is your best friend!!!!! I poured rose water into a spray bottle and sprayed it onto a cotton pad and applied it all over my face.

That is basically my night routine and I can honestly say I saw results within 4 days. I knew about Glam Glow for a long time but only properly started using it when I found out how it is made and what the key benefits were. It's a treatment with allows you to use it as many times as you wish per week.

For moisturizers I go between two. One for day time before makeup is Charlotte tilbury magic cream. For night time I use Origins Zero oil moisturizers. I love the minty cool feeling of this. I have combination skin.


I love quick pre makeup treatments. I use GlamGlow flash mud brightening treatment before applying makeup. I use it around chin and cheeks to brighten the area.

Photos of all products below.

Makeup Remover


Treatment Mask

I use this every day, helps with Middle East heat too 

Pure Rose water and cotton pads


Spot and blackhead cream

via snapchat/ brightening mask GlamGlow

Facial Wash

Brightening mask

Yes this is my full skin routine, Always take time out for your skin. I'm not a dermatologist but I know what works for me. I believe you can see results if you're religiously doing a skin care routine. I noticed a huge change from no touching my face and going on a detox of no drinks except water!

I hope this helped you, for more skin care updates and makeup routine videos follow our shared snap chat - SoniaFyza

Love, Fyza

Making your makeup last this summer

I recently noticed how my makeup started looking better as the day went on since using this tip my sister shared with me. I will be sharing my makeup routine through this blog post with you guys because it has survived this Middle East heat from 10am application through 12am!

A common mistake we all make is not letting our moisturiser or primer sink in before applying our foundation and concealer. I noticed that no matter what primer I used or even when switching moisturisers my base would still oxidise and start separating in certain areas of my face.

From the most expensive primer to a drugstore one they all didn't seem to last in this heat longer than 4 hours. I had my sister do my skin and foundation routine for me and I noticed that day my application was flawless through out the whole day and she used exactly what I did. Below I will list in order.

prepped skin with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

This was left to set for about 60 seconds

Prime skin with YSL touche eclat blur primer
(use with fingers)

Leave for 60 seconds (in this time foundation was being mixed and matched)


Apply Estee Lauder double wear foundation with fingers and the blend with a beauty blender
This application process was around 1 minute long because the more time you spend on your base everything else is quicker and comes together easily.

Apply YSL Neutralizing corrector in apricot bisque for my under eyes, blended with fingers

Using Tom ford concealing pen with the sponge applicator to go over under eyes. Blended with Micro Blender

Using a large powder brush Swirl it into MAC studio fix powder foundation compact and set whole face.

7) in between at a facial mist to keep the skin looking refreshed and not drained looking.

use only powder products for contour, blush and  eye shadow.

9) Contour with Too Faced chocolate bronzer

10) Liquid highlighter to strobe - longer lasting and can be used over powder if you press in using fingers. Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam.

11) Fill Brows in with brow powder - Smashbox Brow tech shaping powder is amazing for summer heat.

12) Curl lashes and apply waterproof mascara - Christian Dior Dior show waterproof mascara

using a waterproof mascara after lash curlers will help keep the curl.

13) After applying powder blush, buffing technique is used to set the final look.

14) Spray Urban Decay All Nighter spray.

This is my every day makeup and waiting in between applications has helped the lasting power and it doesn't get oily. It's not always about what you are using, it's how you use it.

Hope you all have a glam summer, Sonia x


Glowy Skin with Smokey Grey Eyes

I think we should ditch the over contouring look, let's focusing on keeping the skin dewy and bringing eyes out!

First things first is prepping your skin. If you want the dewy look it's best to use a glow primer on the high points of the face such as cheek bones and brow bone. Next use a foundation of your choice. I personally like Dior skin nude for the all over glow. Using a Beauty Blender to blend everything together keeps that healthy dewy look. Making sure your Beauty Blender is damp. At this stage you can start contouring if that's what you like, I prefer to use creams as they are much more softer and subtle looking on the skin. I am currently loving the Sleek cream contour kit, it's creamy and the colours are just right in term of tones. The formula of the Sleek contour kit goes perfectly with the foundation choice.

Next you can start concealing under eyes, I like to go between Tarte Creaseless concealer if the under eye circles are more prominent and Charlotte Tilbury retoucher concealer if theres slight eye bags or discolouration. I use a Micro Beauty Blender to blend the concealer out.

Blending your contour
People will tell you mixed things about what's the best way to blend your contour with your foundation. I think it's all to do with personal preference. If someone has more oily skin I like to use a brush to blend in the cream contour with the foundation and if someone is closer to the dryer side I use a beauty blender. This is just my own way of blending, you can try either one and see which worked better for you.

Setting your base
I like to set the whole face with a powder foundation, this may sound scary or too much but it's more to do with the tool and how light handed you are with this. I like to use a big brush to set the face foundation just so the glow is still there and the powder isn't over powering or chalky looking.

Pop of colour
Pink tone's are really pretty at the moment so opt for the pastel tones when choosing a blusher colour.
The brands and colours I usually go for at the moment are Urban Decay blusher in the colour Cherry from the Gwen Steffani collection and L'Oreal Blusher in the colour 145 Rosewood.

Extra glow?
If you can't get enough of your glow then try Nars Illuminator (cream) in Orgasm it adds that extra strobing effect that so many of us crave! Don't worry about using it over powder, gently press on to the skin using your ring finger. It will blend into your blush and dry after a few seconds leaving you with the 'glossy' look.

Save time with your eye makeup and use one palette! For grey tones I like 'Rock chick' palette by Charlotte Tilbury. Using the matte grey all over the lid and bottom lash line and the shimmery silver pressed onto the middle of the lid. I like to slightly smudge a black Kohl Pencil by Mac in smoulder and blending it out with a My brush. Adding medium individual lashes by Ardell with a coat of Lancome Hypnose mascara on top and bottom.

Best products to achieve this look: (Clickable links!)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I love sharing my favourite products as well as mixing brands.

Love, Fyza :)

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