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Hi all, I'm currently going though my skin care list I wrote down and thought now is the time to get this post written. Growing up I always had good skin but a year ago out of no where I started breaking out and it got worse during the time of the month which is normal. I then realised I need to get a proper skin care routine. I will be telling you all what I use keep my skin fresh, clean, bright and how I stop pimples!

I have tried a lot of brands from Clinique, Origins, Glam Glow, Dr Nick Lowe, Lush, VICHY, Mario Badescu naming a few faves but now and then I do like to make some home recipes. I have red pigmentation on my cheeks and naturally I have a pale face which tends to look washed out without make-up so I love using a facial fake tan to even everything out. I like to get about 2 to 3 shades darker because I personally feel the darker I am the more healthy my skin looks. My skin is very oily so I have to be careful when picking moisturisers and makeup products.

For flights I also have a different skin regime and it changes depending on the country I am. I have learnt that even oily skin needs moisture, living in England with the harsh weather we get I have to have a separate one for when I am in the UK and a separate one for when I am in Turkey or Kuwait.

Morning routine facial wash for everyday
Origins A perfect world deep cleanser, using warm water then cold
followed by oil control origins moisturiser (I love origins, I discovered it through my aunt who recommended it as we have the same skin type)
If you have sensitive skin Lather’s Gentle Face Soap is also great, it calms the skin, while avocado hydrates it.

I always wait for my moisturiser to sink in before using any primer, I don't wear makeup every day but when I do I would usually apply Benefit Porefessional primer. For night time I cleans my face with Bioderm and a cotton pad after washing my face with warm water only (twice a week I will use Angels on Bare skin from Lush cosmetics, it's delicate enough to use twice a week and contains the most natural ingredients that have helped fade past acne scars and uneven skin) After I will spot treat pimples with Mario Bedescu drying lotion (it looks funny with pink dots all over my face but so worth it!) I leave this over night.

I go between Dr Nick Lowe oil control day cream and Origins Moisturiser depending on which ever is in stock. they are the BEST for oily skin!

The best way i have seen a difference my skin is when i use face masks, I use a face mask once every 3 weeks. I go between glam glow powermud mask, home made and sometimes the Montagne Jeunesse brand mask that you peel ones its dried - great for taking away dead skin.

Home Made recipe -MUST TRY!
Banana and honey face mask - I mash one banana and mix it with a table spoon of raw honey and I cut a fresh lemon in half only squeezing half into the mask. I apply this to my face with my hands, evenly. The lemon helps even and brighten skin. I leave this on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water followed by tapping cold water. Face masks make me feel refreshed and it's an instant boost to my skin. It's messy but effective!

My skin after 10 hours of makeup - After I applied the home remedy face mask, it was glowing because of the skin regime I used.

These are things I have tried for a while and what work best for me, if you have oily skin I highly recommend trying some of these brands!


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  1. Glad you found it helpful :-) thanks for reading

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  3. Thanks for the incredible post. I agree, Dr.Nick makes some incredible skin care products!

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