Dubai Workshop

Hi guys, 
just a post to tell you guys about my first Dubai workshop, how it went, what I taught and the whole experience in general. 

I had decided to do a two day workshop in Dubai for a while but had been super busy in London, When I finally decided to set a date I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted limited seats, when I say limited I mean I wanted no more than 20 because that's how I know huge beauty brands would take part. We had Giorgio Armani beauty as the official sponsor and our workshop was THE FIRST they had ever sponsored! I was so grateful, I had the whole Giorgio Armani makeup collection in my hotel room and I was actually in make-up heaven. 

I think it was the ultimate makeup class sponsor especially for my first one in Dubai. We had Lilly Ghalici *glam queen* as the special guest and I got to do her makeup during her stay which was so much fun for me, I decided to give my own twist to it when applying her makeup and I think a lot of you noticed ;) 
During the two day workshop I did a total of three looks, I broke the looks down with detail teaching everything from skin perfecting to perfect blush application not leaving a single thing out. The attendees personally told me that this was their first detailed workshop where the artist told everything. Which is true, there are no secrets in beauty - my opinion. Covering eye bags was explained properly where I give examples on how I learnt and studying colour wheel. I discussed formula's of products, explained my way of perfecting middle eastern skin, did comparisons with products and answered every question in detail. 

The feedback I got after the two days was phenomenal! It was an 8 or 10 out of 10 from everyone including Lilly herself. 

As a makeup artist I love to share what I know, I know it will benefit every one and holding anything back would be unfair as I know a lot of you want to perfect your own makeup on yourself. Things such as types of lash glue and lash techniques are not what everyone will teach, I do like to say I am the trendsetter for some things, especially my way of teaching a class. 

I advise anyone with a passion for makeup to study it, read the books, study colour theory, take time. This is just as much as an experience for me as it was for the people that attended. I'd like to thank everyone involved, Sofia from Magic Glam Lashes for providing lashes for students, Sarah Artistry for personally flying out to Dubai to gift my sister and I as well as students with her amazing prodicts and contour kit, Fruitilicious AE for gifting us with fruit baskets, Style Arabia for coming and sitting through my demos, Giorgio Armani for the amazing gift bags and last but not least Mariam :)

Here are some images from the class

Hope to see some of you girls at my London masterclass! I have some AMAZING sponsors for that!

Fyza xoxo
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  1. Congratulations on yet another successful milestone! I hope you will eventually hold workshops globally and that I'll be attend one of your classes one day! Congratulations again and on the new look of the blog too. It looks amazing! Only the beginning for you..

  2. Your work is flawless! This looked amazing I'm desperate to come too one of your workshops!! When is the London one?

  3. Congrats on an amazing class! your talent and skill is amazing, hopefully one day I will attend one of your workshops! x

  4. Please please please can I have a contact number for the London workshop? Dying to come

  5. Sonia can you please to a tutorial/product breakdown for the second look ( model with tied hair)

  6. Would really love to attend the London workshop, can I have some more info please

  7. Can I please get the details of when and where the masterclass is?? I am dying to attend. Please reply or email I adore your work!